How to Make Private Label Compression Socks

The key success factor when launching a private brand compression socks is to find a good manufacturer. A good manufacturer with the right product to offer will save your efforts and time. Here are some tips that might help you to find one:

  1. Make sure you contact factory directly to avoid middle-men fees and delayed responses. Check the factory name and address. Licenses, certificates and other search results should trace back to the manufacturer.
  2. Pay attention to product range offered, it should be focused on compression. Many different styles available increase your chances on getting what you want.
  3. Remember to inquire into QC and performance testing. Production of compression socks and stockings requires a medical device manufacturing permit and specialized equipment. An advanced compression tester is an essential tool for compression socks and stockings Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The next step of your journey to success is a sampling process. Make your request clear once you get in touch with the manufacturer. Introduce your brand, target customer and key features the product should have. This information would help the manufacturer to prepare appropriate samples for you. Initial samples would give you an idea about quality and customization options available. If you already know what you need, you can proceed to preproduction samples right away.

Regardless of whether you make medical stockings, athletic socks or compression sleeves, quality and fit matter the most. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations on materials and sizing. Custom solutions require experience, knowledge and technical capability from your supplier.

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